Away n Back :( n :)

Published May 24, 2013 by drbeezle

Bright and beautiful morning it was, I could hear the birds tweet “Today is gonna be a great day”. I stretched well, checking the time to know how long I will spend on my devotion (I’m a Christian by Faith)

“What in the world 6.50am?” I exclaimed. I’ve been awake since 5am, I just couldn’t stand up (Please Don’t judge me, I’m not lazy, time flies). You know, that “Oh my exam is in an hour, at a 45 minutes-drive location, and I haven’t had my bath” moment? I rushed up, rubbed and shined (Nigerian Slang for not having your bath, just washing up parts of your body and making up to cover up) picked my back pack and rushed out of the room. I got to the ground floor to discover I didn’t brush my teeth. I shrugged “oh well, it happens sometimes, thank God for minty chewing gums” (Still don’t judge me).

My journey to the bus stop was really fun, white people unnecessarily smiling at the black girl. At first I thought they were just astonished by the “Oyinbo” from deep deep African bush as always, but then, people that see me every day were laughing too…

“Babes there must be something wrong with you” I told myself

You really don’t wanna imagine the fact that I left my room; wearing my bedroom fluffy bunny slippers (don’t you dare judge me). I couldn’t go back because I was late already

“People have done worse, the highest others  can do is laugh, but my exam will be fine” I assured myself… Trust me; I have never been that bold!!!

I boarded the bus, sat at the back and passed my fare forward (Thank God I didn’t forget my wallet). As soon as I settled in, i started browsing on my phone, trying to revise for my exam; but then my head wasn’t stable, I kept dozing and nodding like Rolando. Finally it became stable; I was sound asleep dreaming my favourite dream (taking the Ranger ride at the park)

Tires screeching! People shouting, I tried to wake up from this dream, but I couldn’t. Suddenly my dream changed and everywhere was white, I could hear sirens, people screaming and crying, I tried to wake up, but I couldn’t. I was trying to talk, but my lips were so heavy I couldn’t move them; Body so stiff I couldn’t roll to my side or even lift a finger. As much as there was surplus air, coz I could feel the breeze on my face, I was gasping for air (My Oxygen Air time had expired)

“Who’s that flashing light in my eyes” I asked angrily, even though my eyes couldn’t protect me from the sharp light. But then he didn’t stop, I guess he didn’t hear me.

“Help!!! she’s not responding anymore” he kept shouting like a crazy Frog

“Dude I can hear you” I tried to respond, but then I discovered my lips were not moving. I have never tried working out, but they felt heavier than dumbbells.
Out of the blue, I felt pressure on the left part of my chest… Someone was carrying out emergency chest compressions on me… My practical skills in emergency medicine came reflecting and I remembered my teacher telling me about the guidelines for CPR ; I could remember every step (I had never felt that brilliant before)

“Ewww!! Don’t put those lips on mine, i didn’t brush today” I screamed, but it wasn’t just coming out… (Poor Dude, Occupational risks)

Then the breaths came, Woah!!! Apparently i wasn’t the only one, dude had strong garlic breath too (Nothing to lose i guess, mixture of gases)

“no response, we are loosing her” He shouted

“What’s going on?” i asked, but nobody could hear me.

I was scared!!!

#Flashback came like a slide show; first family then my friends, and my life so far. I had people I hadn’t forgiven, there were lives I hadn’t touched, there were people I had never appreciated as much as I would have loved to, now they couldn’t  even hear me, I was trying to respond to them , but they couldn’t  see. I left the room that morning without saying my prayers or brushing, maybe if I had, I would have missed the bus. God tried to stop me, but I just didn’t respond… I tried to cry, but I couldn’t  I tried to scream, but I couldn’t, (where do all those things go when you need them?)I became tired, gave up and remained still, accepting my fate

“I must be dead” I said to myself sadly.

All of a sudden I felt free! As though my Oxygen Airtime was paid; my lungs expanded as I took in air. I quickly took plenty breaths coz I wasn’t sure of what was coming next. Let’s just say I was preparing myself against brain death (Too much Knowledge)

“We’ve got the pulse” a masculine voice screamed (that must be the garlic dude)

Then everything went blank… the next thing I felt was a needle pricking my skin, I hopelessly tried to open my eyes (good to know they opened) so I decided to carry out another test to know if I was dreaming or awake; I asked the nurse for water, fortunately she heard me, and gave me some to drink. I drank and swallowed, I felt real once again. I couldn’t have been happier

What ever happened during the blackout “I DON’T KNOW”. I checked the time and it was 8.13am; an hour felt like a lifetime. I saw death flash before my eyes that my energy, the noise, the pain, even Bad Breath couldn’t wake me up!

Still in the bed of my Imaginations, I could conclude that “Life is too Short for Holidays, Live everyday like it’s your last”. I was AWAY, now I’m BACK

Let me introduce myself, I’m Taira and I’m just a product of the writer’s imaginations!



36 comments on “Away n Back :( n :)

  • waz jst imagining if dat cud have bin de last of her. Thank God she waz gone but naw she iz back. Excellent workdone babe.

  • My,oh my,Ayobola is a passionate storyteller and her personality has made her writing systematic;she has the uncanny ability to keep her readers on their toes creating an unusual sense of suspense.Nice 1dear.
    Prouda U̶̲̥̅̊.

  • Words cannot do justice to how I want to describe my feelings just reading this piece. Like Ehny said above, ‘MASTERPIECE’.. Each new article you post just out shines the previous. How you do this remains a mystery.

    ‘#Flashback came like a slide show; first family then
    my friends, and my life so far. I had people
    I hadn’t forgiven, there were lives I hadn’t touched,
    there were people I had never appreciated as much
    as I would have loved to, now they couldn’t even
    hear me’…

    This really got to me…we should seize whatever opportunity we have to touch as many lives as possible (as u have done with this blog) at anytime possible. Only the most churlish will deny that.

    Thanx again for this wonderful piece. More grease to your elbow.


  • Brilliant write-up. Keeps the mind in suspense. I almost thought you were for real. Would’ve paid for your flight back home ASAP

  • This is exceedingly captivating. I’m gonna award you an overall score of 70%, cos I’m expecting a berra one. I know you’ll Write berra as d day goes by.

  • Ayobola….this is wonderful…the message on point…the storyline…far better than Nollywood *winks*
    Great job sis…more ink 2 your creative pen.
    God bless you.

  • Sisi,emi lo n wa ni ise onisegun?(what are u looking for in d medical field?)U pass for a prolific writer mehn.Nice one sis

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